27 Temmuz 2011

"The Wire" S01E10: The Cost ve S01E11: The Hunt

Oha oha oha! Bu nasıl bir bölüm sonudur öyle? Dizinin efsane olmasının nedenlerinden biri herhalde bu bölümdür.

10 / 10

Bir önceki bomba bölümden sonra bunu izlemeden uyuyamadım, bölüm boyunca yine gerçek hayattan o kadar güzel ayrıntılar vardı ki bir daha takdir ettim.

Özellikle aşağıdaki konuşma çok iyiydi:


-Fuck you, Jimmy!
-You didn't tell me that was coming.
-He'll bring him in.
-He will if he can, that's not the point.
-What's the point?
-The point is that Morrie Levy is a past
officer of the Monumental Bar Association...
and unless I want
to spend my whole life as a fucking ASA...
I can't spend my afternoons
pissing on people who matter.
-Another career in the balance.
-Fuck you.
-No, fuck you.
-If only half of you
in the state's attorney's office...
didn't want to be judges...
didn't want to be partners
in a downtown law firm...
if you had the balls to follow truth,
you know what would happen?
A guy like that would be indicted,
trialed and convicted.
The rest of them would back up...
so we could push a clean case
through your courthouse.
But no, everybody stays friends.
Everybody gets paid.
And everybody's got a fucking future.


Ek olarak binbaşının McNulty'e çektiği ayar da kaydedeğerdi:
Listen to me, you fuck.
You did a lot of shit here.
You played a lot of fucking cards
and made a lot of people...
do a lot of fucking things
they didn't want to do.
This is true.
We both know this is true.
You, McNulty, are a gaping asshole.
We both know this.
Fuck if everybody in CID doesn't know it.
But fuck if I'm gonna stand here...
and say you did a single fucking thing
to get a police shot.
You did not do this, you fucking hear me?
This is not on you.
No, it isn't, asshole.
Believe it or not, everything isn't about you.
And the motherfucker saying this...
he hates your guts, McNulty.
So you know if it was on you...
I'd be the son of a bitch to say so.
Shit went bad.
She took two for the company.
That's the only lesson here.

9 / 10

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